A “must-do” before “I doDuring your Trial, our ZR Artists work closely with you to create a signature look for your wedding or event. We specialize in event upstyling and modern makeup trends while keeping your personal style, coloring, and facial structure in mind as we work to create a flawless look.

Our optimized three-step Trial process goes:

Blueprint : This is the framework we’ll use to create your flawless look. ZR Artists will take their time to ask you questions to best understand the real vision you have for yourself. After an in-depth consultation, your Artist will create a hand drawn-face chart, including a detailed description of specific products they’ll be using on your special day. This Blueprint is something you can take home and keep for reference or as a keepsake. ZR advises all brides to take advantage of this period and provide as many inspiration pieces as they can. From magazine editorials to Pinterest photos or your actual dress and veil: the more information your Artist can gather upfront, the better they’ll understand your personal style and vision. 

Prep : Rather than jump straight into styling, we prep you to maximize results. Your ZR Artist will begin with a luxurious scalp and hair treatment to revitalize the keratin in your hair and add blood flow to the scalp, leaving your hair soft and shiny. Next, you’ll receive a rejuvenating face mask to even out your complexion and achieve a perfect, dewy glow. Many clients say that this is the most refreshing part of the Trial Experience never mind the champagne we serve you before styling begins. 

Design : This is where ZR Artists prove just how creative they can be, creating a glamorous, signature look that you’ll be remembered for years to come. They use premium products that long-lasting with the most innovative techniques, including setting, padding, sewing, extensions, and netting. These special techniques help to create the illusion of thicker, fuller, and longer hairthe same techniques which are used on movie sets and on fashion runways. ZR Artists also offer lux upgrades such as hair extensions, (industry-leading) Dinair airbrush makeup, and mink eyelashes. You may also opt for a "natural" New England look (a ZR specialty) with each brush stroke enhancing and leaving you a classy, elegant impression.

A ZR Trial typically will take about 2 hours for hair or 3 hours for both hair and makeup styling. That’s because, unlike most salons, we offer and can provide you more than just one look. On average, we try two or three different hairstyles and makeup options to create a look that best suits you—and only you. Making you say "WOW!" with your complete satisfaction is what we care about the most.

Please contact us for more info about special pricing and packages.